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EAdvyzr ETF Series


Online investment solution with your choice of Risk Level and Investment Strategy. Single or Multi-Fund Family Options.  

Founder Series Portfolios


Our original portfolio series. Long-term, low-cost, index fund solution. Globally diversified, factor-based allocation.  

Custom Series Portfolios


Custom-built investment portfolio for your unique situation. Generally reserved for accounts greater than one million dollars. 

401(k) Investments


Selection and monitoring of small business retirement plan investment options. 3(21) and 3(38) fiduciary.

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EA University 

Financial Planning in a DIY World - Do you really need a CFP® professional?


Do-It-Yourself. The three glorious words of every weekend handyman. Auto repair, home improvement, and nearly any other project we dream up can be viewed in a step-by-step online video. We live in a world where technology empowers us to do, or at least attempt, more on our own. But what about your financial life? Can you be a financial DIYer? Take the free course from CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERpractitioner Wyatt A. Moerdyk and find out. 


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The Return of The Pension - This time it's personal. 

Though pensions have largely disappeared, the need for reliable, pension-like income has not, and investing for retirement requires more education and personal responsibility than ever before.

In The Return of the Pension, I share some of the valuable tips and information that you and your company can begin using today to build, repair, or completely remodel your 401(k) retirement plan. 

Author - Wyatt A. Moerdyk, CFP®, AIF®

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EA Podcast 

The Five Minute Money Show

Hosted by: Wyatt A. Moerdyk, CFP®

Five minutes of finance from CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Wyatt A. Moerdyk. No heavy investment topics or advice, just a fun fast show about finance and what's going on in the world.

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